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Fig. 6

From: Thermodynamic considerations of same-metal electrodes in an asymmetric cell

Fig. 6

Electrochemical potentials and phase diagram for the Li-Si system (Liang et al. 2017) (adapted with permission of the copyright holder); a electrochemical potential vs. Li-liquid at 688 K. The schematic photomicrographs were added to highlight the step- variation of the electrochemical potential of Li7Si3 depending if Li7Si3 is in equilibrium with Li12Si7 or Li13Si4; \( {\overline{\mu}}_{phase}-{\overline{\mu}}_{Li}^{0, liq}=0\Rightarrow {\mu}_{phase}-{\mu}_{Li}^{0, liq}=- zF\Delta V,\Delta V=\mathrm{E}\left(\mathrm{vs}.\mathrm{Li}-\mathrm{liquid}\right)\left[ mV\right]; \)b assessed phase diagram using the CALPHAD method; c electrochemical potential vs. Li-bcc (solid) at 298 K. \( {\overline{\mu}}_{phase}-{\overline{\mu}}_{Li}^{0, bcc}=0\Rightarrow {\mu}_{phase}-{\mu}_{Li}^{0, bcc}=- zF\Delta V,\Delta V=\mathrm{E}\left(\mathrm{vs}.\mathrm{Li}-\mathrm{bcc}\right)\left[ mV\right] \). phase {LiSi, Li12Si7, Li7Si3, Li13Si4, Li17Si4}

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